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PT. Slag Berkat Utama is Company establish in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are a service company, specializes for Slag and Fly Ash supplyer for Indonesia including Asia-Pacific Region. We are the principally partner with the biggest Iron Slag and Fly Ash producer in Taiwan (ROC). PT. Slag Berkat Utama founded by integrity person and fullfill experience in slag and fly ash utilized. PT. Slag Berkat Utama will provide the Iron Slag or Fly Ash as much as your project or your industrial needs; cheaper and environment friendly.

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PT. Slag Berkat Utama

Slag is non metallic co-product, produced in iron (BF) and steelmaking (BOF and EAF) process. Slag has been commonly utilized on broad scale ever since these processes were first taken into use. The utilization in different fields such as cement industry, heat and sound isolation, filtration, agriculture, tile and glass production, as follows :

  • The use of steelmaking and iron making slag in cement production.
  • Granuled BF slag as a replacement to part of cement content of concrete.
  • Slag contains significan amounts of iron units after processing of the slag in order to recovery lower grade metallic and recycles them back to furnace.
  • Recycling of BOF slag into sinter, B.F. and BOF charge.
  • Recycling of LF slag in EAF charge.
  • Fixation (sequestration) of CO2 by producing carbonates from steelmaking slag.
  • Glass production.
  • Construction tiles.
  • Sand blasting materials.
  • V2O5 and V recovery from BOF slag.
  • Diabase tiles production (BF and BOFs slag and sludge, used sand, flourine)
  • Production of ceramics powders by BOF slag.
  • Sound and heat isolation materials.
  • Rail and road ballast.
  • The use of slag as water filtration system.
  • Road construction.
  • Asphalt concrete aggregate granular base and embankment or fill.
  • Slag for fertilizer.
  • Phytoextraction of heavy metals from steelmaking slag.
  • Production of centrifugal pipe and ceramic parts from molten slag.
  • Production of potassium silicate fertilizer from steelmaking slag.
  • Use of wet slag as a lubricant in high straining rolling for ultrafine grained steel.
  • Use of steel slag leach beds for the treatment of acid mine drainage.
  • Purifying trout farm water by BF slag.
  • Effect of iron oxide, converter sludge and on corn growth in calcareous dol.
  • The use of BF and BOF slag for decreasing of organic load of industrial waste water.
  • Water treatment plants and water refining strong structures.
  • Anti skid aggregate (snow and ice control)
  • Bulk filters (e.g. plastic, adhesive)
  • etc.