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Slag is non metallic co-product, produced in iron (BF) and steelmaking (BOF and EAF) process.
Slag has been commonly utilized on broad scale ever since these processes were first taken into use.

The utilization in different fields such as cement industry, heat and sound isolation, filtration, agriculture, tile and glass production, as follows :

  • The use of steelmaking and iron making slag in cement production
  • Granuled BF slag as a replacement to part of cement content of concrete
  • Slag contains significan amounts of iron units after processing of the slag in order to recovery lower grade metallic and recycles them back to furnace
  • Recycling of BOF slag into sinter, B.F. and BOF charge
  • Recycling of LF slag in EAF charge
  • Fixation (sequestration) of CO2 by producing carbonates from steelmaking slag
  • Glass production



Cement Industry

Iron and steel slag products are used in a variety of areas where their unique characteristics are put to effective use…

Wave Breaker

Tetrapods are a type of structure in coastal engineering used to prevent erosion caused by weather and longshore drift…


Iron and steel slag used in road construction is manufactured by crushing and mechanical stabilization of blast furnace slag…

Civil Material for Port / Harbors

Granulated slag for civil engineering works is lighter in weight han natural sand…